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Business Planning

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Every business needs to seek the advice of experts from time to time. At IT Foundations we are always ready to help and assist. Even at the most basic level, we always look to understand the requirements of our customer before offering a solution. The helps us to understand our customers business needs more effectively and allows us to establish an elementary needs management process.

Needs Management

Balancing the business needs and the IT capabilityThe process of needs management is critical to the success of most businesses. However, in small and medium businesses this tends to be a very informal process. Needs Management allows for the business direction and goals to be aligned with an IT strategy that complements those needs and ensures that the Business goals can be met - at least in IT terms.

Business System Review

Our experience shows that many organisations already have business systems and processes that have been designed and implemented over a period of time.  However, in many cases these systems do not meet the current needs of the organisation and are perceived by the employees to be hard to use or insufficient for their needs.  But, the reality is that often these systems are actually more than suitable. Sometimes they just need upgraded with updates often already paid for or more often than not the staff need to be made a ware of the systems capabilities through training and understanding.  Business processes need to be considered too.  If the process has changed and the system has not then it is inevitable that problems will occur.

Our approach is to sit down with key members of the organisation to understand the concerns and problems that they have on a daily basis.  We correlate these to understand the systems, working practices and business processes in use.  Our impartial role allows staff to openly discuss any issues they have without fear or recrimination.  Part way through the process we will sit down with senior management to provide feedback and summary findings so that the review breif can be validated or updated as appropriate.

Whilst some reviews take the form of a final report and recommendations, many are extended to include additional consultancy activities to ensure that recommnedations are implemented or even to review alternative systems and assist with procurement, data migration, implementation and training.

In all cases we recommend that any corrective actions are followed by a period of further review and fine tuning over time to ensure that the needs of the business are met and that the investment in IT is maximised.

Other Services

In addition to the informal advice that IT foundations provides to our customers we also offer more formal consultancy services including:

  • Assist with IT Recruitment including job specification, candidate selection and interviewing.
  • Review and analyse existing business systems and processes to identify problems and solutions.
  • Prepare technical and functional system specifications based on the needs of the business, it's employees and it's customers.
  • Identification of products and technologies to meet system, business and financial requirements.

If you would like further information about the IT planning services that IT Foundations can provide for your business please contact us.

Please note that consultancy services are not available to purchase online.