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IT Consultancy

IT Foundations provides a wide range of consultancy services to customers throughout the UK from our base in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Some of the consultancy services that we can offer include:

  • Network analysis;
  • Security reviews;
  • Hardware and Software audits;
  • License compliance checks;
  • System and IT Infrastructure reviews;
  • System health checks;
  • Independent reviews of 3rd party systems including MIS, Housing Management, Accounting;
  • Tender preparation and assistance with tender analysis;
  • Specification writing for new bespoke software;
  • Staff training needs analysis (IT related);
  • Backup, recovery and business continuity strategies and implementation;
  • Virtualisation strategy planning and implementation including server consolidation, business continuity and virtual desktop infrastructure;
  • Internet, e-Commerce and b2b website design and development;
  • Data migration, analysis and import (e.g system replacement)
  • Remote working, home working and mobile solutions
  • Voice over IP telephone system design and implementation

If you don't see what you are looking for in the list above, call 01314528444.  alternatively email or contact us .

IT Foundations are partners with a number of key organisation in the areas detailed above.  However, our consultancy services are provided on a completely impartial and unbiased basis.  We aim to ascertain the facts about your business and offer the most appropriate advice. 

Consultancy projects are undertaken as the following contract types:

  • Fixed price:  Whereby we agree the scope of the project, payment schedules and a total price which does not change as long as the scope is not varied.  
  • Capped:  The scope is agreed and and a day rate set.  Time is monitored and charged as used up to the agreed cap.  The customer can only be charged less or up to the agreed cap as long as the scope is unaltered.
  • Variable:  A day rate is agreed and and billed as time is expended on the project.
Our consultancy rates are typically around £550 +VAT depending on the project.   For further information please contact us by telephone or email.